Smile, Beautiful
Call me Sofie ❤ K-Pop addict ❤ Artist ❤ Dancer ❤ Me ❤ Old enough to have responsibilities, young enough to not care. Life is too short to take seriously, so smile, laugh, be yourself, and have fun while you can.
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Alright so my mom got back from her appointment earlier, apparently she’s in something called Adrenal Gland Fatigue. Her adrenal glands are failing from stress and working too hard her whole life. She has to get supplements and vitamins to get her hormone levels back to…

Help Me Afford To Move ➨


This is probably going to get zero notes, but I am in desperate need of funds to move into a new place. My lease is up at the end of this month and I have no where to go. My family cannot house me, because they have no room. I also have no car and I must stay in university for… ➨


Israel is going to start a ground invasion in Gaza as if the airstrikes and the shelling that went on the for the past 11 days weren’t enough. As if there hasn’t been enough Palestinian blood that has been shed. Let’s keep in mind that Gazans can’t leave - 2/3 of its…